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SimpliFi® and Yabx Partner to Expand Access to Card Issuance and Credit for Businesses across the MENA Region

Dubai, UAE - May 21, 2024

SimpliFi®, a leading Cards-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform for MENA and Pakistan, has announced a strategic partnership with Yabx, an innovative Embedded Lending solution provider. This collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to enhance access to payment card services and credit in the MENA region.

SimpliFi is a Cards-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform offering businesses the ability to fast track the launch of their card programs. With launch-ready, one-stop shop card issuance infrastructure across the region, SimpliFi enables businesses to launch their card programs at a fraction of the cost. The platform consists of APIs, SDKs, a client portal, and end-to-end program management capabilities, and aggregates all partners required to issue cards including Bin Sponsors.

Yabx is an end-to-end cloud-based lending infrastructure that specializes in credit scoring underserved segments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As a leader in unsecured lending, Yabx is a low/no code platform that can be easily configured to offer various loan products such as overdraft loans, SME loans, personal loans, microloans, device financing etc. Committed to responsible lending, Yabx has successfully maintained strong loan portfolios and repayment rates, promoting financial inclusion even in challenging markets.

The partnership between SimpliFi and Yabx is poised to significantly impact the financial landscape of the MENA region. By integrating SimpliFi's robust CaaS platform with Yabx's innovative lending solutions, the collaboration aims to provide enhanced financial services, including greater access to payment cards and credit, to a broader audience. The mission is to provide personalized financial services by harnessing an individual's digital footprint, creating world-class innovative products through technology and analytics.

"At SimpliFi, we are committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the dynamic digital economy. Our partnership with Yabx represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal," said Ali Sattar, Founder and CEO of SimpliFi. "Together, we will harness the power of our combined technologies to deliver seamless, integrated financial services that enhance access to credit and drive economic growth across the MENA region."

Rajat Dayal, CEO of Yabx, added, "This partnership will help us improve payment processes, making the experience of our lending products even better. We're very excited to team up with SimpliFi, as it will expand and boost our Embedded Lending solutions for small businesses and new customers."

About SimpliFi:

SimpliFi is on a mission to democratize payments by building the leading Cards as a Service (CaaS) platform for MENA and Pakistan. We provide businesses with a one-stop solution to issue and manage their cards' program, enabling them to streamline operations, drive new revenue streams, and increase retention and loyalty. SimpliFi provides a full-stack solution consisting of APIs, SDKs, a client portal, and end-to-end program management capabilities. The Company manages all ecosystem partners required to issue cards, including banks, card schemes, processors, identity verification, card fulfillment, and customer care to deliver a seamless experience across multiple markets. For more information please visit:

About Yabx:

Yabx revolutionizes credit accessibility in emerging markets through its cloud-based lending platform. By leveraging digital footprints, AI and diverse data partnerships, we provide personalized credit scores and limits to underserved individuals and businesses. We empower financial inclusion responsibly by carefully building financial personalities of new-to-credit customers while digitizing the entire lending journey. For more information, please visit:

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