Card Issuance Portal

Build Your Own Card Programs Using a Powerful Card Issuance Platform

Issue company branded payment cards instantly using SimpliFi’s card issuance platform

Card Issuance Made Easy

Branded Virtual & Physical Cards Fulfillment & Delivery

ATM, Online, and POS Enabled

Global Acceptance (MasterCard/Visa)

All-in-One Portal

Centralize payment operations & facilitate payments your way.

Manage card programs across multiple markets. Accept payments, manage payouts, and onboard vendors, employees, and customers all in one place.

Full Control

You need control in an out of control world!

Manage card controls with granular access permissions. Easily authorize card programs, add custom fees, setup transaction limits, load and unload funds and more.

Built-In Security & Compliance

From local hosting to redundancy requirements, data archiving, security protocols and PCI certifications, we have you covered!

We work with regulators & partners to ensure that we are updated with the latest requirements and industry standards to provide you with leading edge innovation without ever compromising on risks.

Identity Verification in a Box

Meet regulatory requirements & optimize for user experience depending on your use case and jurisdiction.

We deal with third-parties and local government databases on your behalf to orchestrate end-to-end KYC flows in a seamless fashion, delivered to you via our SDKs and APIs.

Ready to build your card program?

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