Portal Guide

Thank you for creating your SimpliFi account! You can now create your personalised cards program with ease and confidence.

Get Started with SimpliFi

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a quick guide to help you get started!


This is the first page a portal admin would log-in to.

Here you would be able to see the snapshot as well as trends for your card program. You’d be able to chose to see the trends for 7 days, 30 days and 90 days rolling period.


Card Program

You can set up and customise your card program very easily using our portal. Here’s how:

  1. 01 - Click on Card Programs in the navigation toolbar on the left and select Card Programs.
  2. 02 - You will see that Corporate Partner Payouts has been automatically set as active. You can explore the other types of Card Programs Available.

Card program is a setting on SimpliFi Platform which is inherited by the cards issued by the portal. SimpliFi can be customized with a multitude of Card program settings on its portal. One of the card programs would be active for your account. Card program has two different kind of settings:

  1. 01 - One time set-up: This would be a one time exercise for the clients to go through to design basic characteristics i.e. Scheme, Limit, Form-factor etc. Mostly these settings are fixed and do not change.
  2. 02 - Customizable settings: These would be the settings which could be customized by the clients depending upon the developing needs with-in the ambit of initial set-up. There are three kind of customizable settings which are available on the portal:
    1. a. Merchant Control: This setting can be used to either allow or block the usage of cards on an individual merchant account, merchant category or group of merchants.
    2. b. Authorization Control: This setting provides the control to the clients to either allow or block the usage of the cards on channels i.e. ATM, POS (Point of Sales) or Online transactions.
    3. c. Velocity Control: This setting provides a capability to ensure the usage of the cards at per transaction or rolling day, week or month level.

Create Users

You can set up and customise your card program very easily using our portal. Here’s how:

  1. 01 - To create a new user, click on User Management on the navigation toolbar and then Create User.
  1. 02 - Fill out the information as directed on the form. Please ensure that you have selected the appropriate card program for the user.
  1. 03 - If you are ready to upload the user’s KYC documents, click on Upload Documents.
  2. 04 - Select the type of document you would like to upload. We currently accept passports and ID cards. Upload the document as indicated. For ID cards, please ensure to upload both the front and back side of the card.

If you are not ready to upload the user’s KYC documents, click on Create User. This will create the user in the system but you will not be able to proceed with the next steps until you upload their KYC documents.

To upload the user documents later, click on User Management -> Users List and click the icon and select Upload Documents

Issue & Activate Cards

Once you have created a new user, there’s a few steps you need to take before their cards can be issued:

  1. 01 - Click on User Management on your navigation toolbar and select Users List.
  2. 02 - Select the user(s) and click on Send for KYC. This will send the request to our team to review the documents for the selected user(s) and the KYC status will change to Pending.

Once the KYC documents have been approved, the KYC status will be updated to Approved.

  1. 03 - You can now issue the card for the user by clicking on the button next to their name and clicking on Issue Card. Once the card has been issued, the Card status will change to Issued. You will be able to see the card and can set the velocity limit.
  2. 04 - To proceed with activating the card, click on the button next to the user and click on Activate Card. The card will automatically be activated and will be ready for use! You can now proceed to the next section to set up the card for your users.

Manage Users

Your user has been created, but you need to make changes to their account. Not a problem! Follow the steps below to easily make any changes as needed:

  1. 01 - Click on User Management -> Users List in the side navigation menu.
  2. 02 - To edit the user profile, click the icon against the selected user row and click Edit Profile.
  3. 03 - To delete the user, click the icon against the selected user row and click Delete User. A Popup will show up for confirmation.

Manage Cards

Now that you have active cards for your users, you can personalise them as per your preference. Here’s how:

  1. 01 - Click on Cards Management on your navigation toolbar and select My Cards.
  1. 02 - Click on the Card ID number for the user. This will take you to their Card Profile where you can view the card details, including the balance.
  1. 03 - Set the velocity control for the user by selecting one of three available options. You can click View Details under each box to see the prescribed spend limits for each option.
  2. 04 - Change the authorization controls by toggling the buttons.
  3. 05 - Change the merchant controls by blacklisting merchant IDs, Categories or Groups from the table -> toggle off/on
  4. 06 - Upload a balance for the card by clicking on Balance Management and entering the amount in the pop-up box.
  1. 07 - Once you have fully customised the card, generate the pin for the user by clicking on Generate Pin. This will give you a four-digit code that the user will need to complete every payment using the card.
  2. 08 - Your card has been set up! You can amend any of the controls set above as well as add balance to the card by following the steps above at any time.

Team Management, Roles and Checker Assignment

SimpliFi offers a tech solution to invite other users on the portal with a simple click.

The same can be accessed from below the top right corner of the portal, under the settings section


Once settings are clicked you would land on the page below with Team Management and Checker Settings.


Team Management

By clicking on the invite users just by providing their email ID you’d be able to invite the users on the portal while assigning a role to them.

There are 5 roles available on SimpliFi platform. While inviting the users one of these roles can be assigned to the users. Once the user email is entered and a right role is assigned, new user would receive an email with instructions to access the portal.


The users can be suspended temporarily, deleted or modified from with-in the portal using the three dots section on the right from Team roles page.


Checker Settings

Checker settings ensure that at least two individuals are participating in a task to accomplish the same.

With-in the Setting sections adjacent to Team Management there is a section to enable checkers. SimpiFi has event based architecture and every event on SimpliFi could be used to assign a checker as well as the role of a checker. Currently Either an Analyst or Administrator on SimpliFi could perform a checker activity. The same could be enabled from the Checker settings page. Once you have decided which events need a checker setting, you can enable the same from here and assign the roles which could be a checker.The settings could be saved by clicking on top right button of Save Permissions, once it is saved the checker settings would be available across the portal.


Validation Requests

If your role makes you a checker and there are pending request for your validation.

The same could be found under the Validation requests section.


Bulk Management

The portal supports User Creation and Card Issuance through bulk uploads.

The same could be accessed from the bulk upload buttons on User Listing and card listing pages subsequently. Once the portal users try to accomplish bulk action on the portal the status of the bulk actions are available under Bulk Action Status.