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Why Choose SimpliFi?

Digital First

Test, integrate and launch with no fuss. Digital onboarding and instant card issuance so you can bring your vision to life and start delighting your users.

Developer First

Unified APIs and SDKs designed for you so you can test and build your products with minimal effort and continue to benefit from new features as we enrich our APIs.

Fully Programmable

All power to you! Controls that enable you to custom build your program giving you the flexibility in defining the best user experience without compromising on risks.

Quick Time to Market

All your needs in one place so you don’t have to manage multiple partnerships and integrations, solve for local regulations and undertake painstaking certifications.

Simple and Fair Pricing

Clear, transparent pricing with minimal setup cost, low monthly fee and a fair revenue share so you can launch and scale. Your success is ours!

Best in Class Partners

We bring together the latest industry innovations and battle tested reliability through proven partners in the ecosystem and make sure it all works seamlessly.

Build Your Cards Program Your Own Way

Issue virtual or physical cards for your customers, employees or partners to address business needs, drive loyalty or grow revenue.

For Developers, By Developers

Built to provide an exceptional developer experience, our Plug and Play Universal APIs and SDKs enable you to integrate with ease. As we enrich our API library and empower you with more developer tools, you continue to benefit from additional features and capabilities of our platform.

Power in Your Hands

Have full control of your experience. Customize your program to your brand, manage risks through granular card level controls and instantly issue cards. Voila!

Full Visibility

Get all the functionality you need in a consolidated dashboard with full program level overview down to end user card and transaction details. Customize your dashboard and reports, get program insights to drive ROI and obtain real time notifications with our webhooks.

Identity Verification in a Box

We solve for regulatory requirements and optimize for user experience depending on your use case and jurisdiction. We deal with multiple third parties and local government databases and orchestrate the end to end KYC flows in a seamless fashion delivered to you via our SDKs.

Something for Everyone

Whether it's gig payroll cards or employee expense solutions, one time use spend cards or insurance disbursements, our modular and flexible capabilities enable a diverse set of use cases to meet your needs.

All your needs in one place

We have your artwork approved, get your cards certified and have them printed, personalized and delivered to your specifications.
We provide both IVR and agent support to complement self serve tools for cardholders.
We provide ongoing fraud monitoring using best in class providers so you can focus on your business with peace of mind.
We work through complex pricing schemes, dozens of tariff tables and all the fine print on a daily basis to make sure you’re not paying more than you should.
We handle chargebacks and disputes on your behalf and provide you the tools to monitor and manage cases.
We deal with numerous partners that are required to enable a card program from contracting to operations so you only need to work with us.

Under the Hood

From local hosting and redundancy requirements to data archiving, security protocols to PCI certifications, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to get into the nitty gritty. We work with regulators and our partners to ensure we are updated with the latest requirements and industry standards so you get leading edge innovation without ever compromising on risks.

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